Artist Statement

My paintings are process-based, through them I experiment with the physical relationship between canvas and paint.  Beyond working with the materiality of liquid color, I use my work to replace words— regurgitating my experiences and many moments layered on top of each other.

My process begins with a spontaneous color or mark.  This type of mark making includes laying a solid color across the entire surface, spray-painting marks or portions of the canvas, pouring thinned paint onto a piece to watch it drip, or taking a rubber scraper and sliding it across the entire plane—these gestural actions are the foundation of my practice.  From those short moments of expression I react to the colors, shapes, or lines on the canvas.  My choices are curated by perpetually questioning color relationships, distilling images or concepts into symbols, and exploring the tactility of paint. I obsess over certain colors and marks I encounter in daily life and translate them into every piece.  I work on many surfaces at once, scattered on the floor and across the walls of my studio, and they are all tied together with the same language and steady stream of thoughts.  These bits of information that travel along from painting to painting are gathered from throughout my existence; they reflect nature, the places I’ve traveled, and the people I’ve met along my journey.  Although my paintings are abstracted, I aim to make them accessible to the audience, placing focused imagery and emotions throughout my work to trigger a personal dialogue between the viewer, the artwork, and ultimately myself.

Artist Bio

Haley Nannig is a painter living and working in Portland, Maine.  Growing up by the ocean in Rhode Island and now residing three hours up the coast, Nannig’s work is full of aquatic imagery and symbols drawn from nature.  After graduating from Alfred University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts she has lived in numerous locations including: Ithaca, NY, Paonia, CO, Newport, RI, Portland, ME, and Taos, NM.  With a constantly changing horizon, new faces, and a life full of continuous motion, Nannig’s experiences are reflected in her paintings.

Haley Nannig recently returned from a three month long residency with the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, NM.  Nannig is showing her work throughout the East Coast and continuing to paint in her Portland studio, while always planning her next trip.





Alfred University, New York State College of Ceramics (BFA)


Santa Reparata International School of Art and Design, Florence, Italy 

Artist Residencies


Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, Taos, New Mexico


View Arts Center, Old Forge, New York



Fore River Brewing Company can design for GalaxC, a dry hopped kettle sour beer



Solo Show, 44 North, Deer Isle, ME

Addition and Subtraction, Solo Show, Fore River Brewing Company, Portland, ME


Creative Portland Fall Art Exhibit, Juried Group Show, Creative Portland, Portland, ME

6x6, Group Show, Running with Scissors, Portland, ME

Gathered Windows, Solo Show, View Art Center, Old Forge, NY

Solo Show, Urban Farm Fermentory, Portland, ME

Open Studio, Ratigan Art Studio, East Greenwich, RI

Solo Show, Persephone's, Block Island, RI

Wilder Pop Up, Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, Taos, NM


Solo Show, The King’s Lens, Newport, RI

Solo Show, Persephone’s, Block Island, RI 


GroupShow, Artifact Gallery, Peacedale, RI

Solo Show, The Hive, North Kingstown, RI

BFA Thesis Exhibition, Alfred University, Alfred, NY 

Art Walk, Group Exhibition, Alfred, NY 

Water Show, Hera Gallery, Wakefield, RI

Best of SUNY, NYS Museum, Albany, NY 

SUNY Student Art Spring 2015 Exhibition, Albany NY

SGC or Bust Silent Auction, Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY


Painting and Photography Club Show, Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY

Pink Show, Alfred, NY 

Print Show, Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY

Clay Collective Silent Auction, Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY 

Diptych, Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY 


10 by 10 Show, Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY

International Print Exchange with Plymouth England Show, Alfred, NY and Plymouth University in Royal William Yard Plymouth, England


Santa Reparata International School of Art End of Term Painting Show,Florence, Italy