Spring 2019: Studio in Düsseldorf, Germany


2018-2020 MFA candidate at Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting Program

"Join us for this 2 day workshop with Portland artist Haley Nannig. Over the course of two days Haley will lead us through exercises and demonstrations of her methods working in layers, leading you to experiment with your own style in the creation of abstract works. We'll explore the conversation between artist and canvas through addition and subtraction using color theory, paint, spray paint and stencils. Students will learn about pouring, blocking in/out, peeling back, and painting on nontraditional surfaces."


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Fore River Can Release and Addition + Subtraction Opening

In the Fall of 2017 I sat down with the Fore River crew to talk about their new dry hopped sour ale, GalaxC and the can art to go along with it. The brewers told me they wanted the label to be more abstracted than their previous cans and reflect the unique flavors of their new beer. We talked color, taste, and overall feeling.

From there I hit the studio. To create the final label I took bits and pieces of my paintings, like the ones on the wall, and manipulated them to become the visual representation of GalaxC. I wanted the can to have movement, like the puckery sour taste of the beer in your mouth; and I wanted the colors to reflect the fresh citrus and tropical notes you taste in each sip.

Helene Wurlitzer Foundation 2017 Residency

Taos, New Mexico